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Lack-Tuscarora Elementary School, Home of the Indians.

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Photo drawn by Gavyn Boreman, Walker Elementary 2015.

2018 JCSD Prosper SPRING website announcement

This is just a friendly reminder that shorts are permitted in school as of April 1, 2018.

PSSA Schedule

ELAApril 9-13, 2018Grade 3-5
MathApril 16-20, 2018Grade 3-5
ScienceApril 23-27, 2018Grade 4

School-wide Positive Behavioral Interventions & Supports (PBIS) is a proactive, team-based framework for creating and sustaining safe and effective schools. Emphasis is placed on prevention of problem behavior, development of prosocial skills, and the use of data-based problem solving for addressing existing behavior concerns. School-wide PBIS increases the capacity of schools to educate all students utilizing research-based school-wide, classroom, and individualized interventions.

Latest Happenings


Lack Fun Day Photos

What can parents do to make learning fun and better their student’s education?

  • Share a love of learning and set a good example by reading, practicing math facts, playing with money (identify coins/make change), writing letters and/or lists, comparing prices, etc.
  • Make learning fun by playing educational games, visiting the library, and listening to and talking with your child.
  • Show interest in your child’s school day by asking specific questions and praising effort and improvement.
  • Go over homework assignments with your child.
  • Check your student’s backpack and folder for information.
  • Give your child a quiet place to study.
  • Spend at least 15 minutes each day reading with your child.
  • Make sure your child has good attendance.
  • Attend meetings concerning your child.
  • Contact your child’s teacher with any questions or concerns that you have so that students see parents and school staff as a team working in their best interest.

Be positive about school staff, the district, and learning.