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Parent Involvement Activities

There are a variety of parent involvement opportunities within the Juniata County School District for parents. Some of the volunteer opportunities include:

  • Kid Writing
  • Membership on Title I Parent Involvement committee
  • Membership on District Title II Professional Development committee
  • Read Naturally volunteer
  • Home and School
  • Booster club

Other opportunities may be building specific. Contact your building principal for more information about parental involvement activities.

School doors do not open prior to 8:00am. Please do not drop your child off or allow them to stand unattended at the school doors prior to this time. This is a safety risk for your child.

Call 436-2111 ext 5064 prior to 2:00pm for parent pick up if a note is not able to be sent in with your student. Calling after this time does not guarantee that someone will receive the message in time for your student to be notified.

If you plan to take your child home after an event at the school, please provide a note the morning of the event that you wish to take your child with you after the event concludes. This is to aid in congestion in the nurse’s office after the event.

Bullying means an intentional electronic, written, verbal or physical act or series of acts directed at another student or students, which occurs in a school setting that is severe, persistent or pervasive and has the effect of doing any of the following: 1. Substantial interference with a student’s education. 2. Creation of a threatening environment. 3. Substantial disruption of the orderly operation of the school. Bullying, as defined in this policy, includes cyberbullying. School setting means in the school, on school grounds, in school vehicles, at a designated school bus stop or at any activity sponsored, supervised or sanctioned by the school.
• Take your seat promptly, and remain seated from your ride to and from school.
• Sit in bus seat at all times/facing front; keep your feet, books, and other articles out of the aisle.
• Keep hands, feet, and head inside the bus
• Report any damage you see to the driver.
• Eating, smoking, or using vulgar language is not permitted.
• You should be quiet and orderly so the driver is not distracted from driving the bus.
• Listen to the driver.
• Wait until the bus has come to a complete stop before leaving your seat. Upon discharge, check for traffic in both directions if you live on the opposite side of the road. Students should exercise caution and cross the highway in view of the bus driver. The bus driver must assign seats.
• The bus driver should report misbehavior to the building principal in the form of a written bus incident report. After the submission of three bus incident reports, a student may lose their bus riding privilege for a period of time at the discretion of the building principal. Based upon the severity of the infraction a student could lose their bus privilege upon the issuance of the first incident report.

• Students should be present at the bus stop at least five minutes before the bus arrives. Drivers follow a strict time schedule and cannot wait for late students.
• Stay off the highway until your bus comes to a complete stop and has its red lights blinking.
• Parents are responsible for maintaining supervision over their children at the bus stop.

If a child fails to return home at the end of the day, please follow this procedure:
• Stay at home, call your child’s school and give the child’s name, bus number, and homeroom. It is also helpful if you give the name of another child who rides the same bus. In the event there is no answer, call the transportation coordinator at 436-2111, extension 5017.
• Stay close to the telephone.
• The school will contact the teacher to see if the child went on the bus, then call the bus driver at the end of the run. (Usually, the bus driver will return to the child’s bus stop if they find the child has forgotten to get off the bus. In the case of a child getting on the wrong bus, they will return to school and we will contact you.
• PLEASE contact the SCHOOL when your CHILD ARRIVES HOME.

1. A note must be submitted to the school office and contain the following:
a. Date of pick up or drop off
b. Name of student
c. Person picking up or returning student
Staff on duty may ask for identification of driver picking up or dropping off student.
d. Reason for arriving late or leaving early.
e. Students picked up or dropped off during school hours MUST be signed in or out at the school office. (Between the hours of 8:20 AM and 3:15 PM.) Parents are not allowed to walk to the classroom to pick up their child due to security reasons.
f. A verbal contact (as in a call to the school) in place of a parental note should be reserved for emergencies only, such as telephone calls during the school day. Due to the various activities which the office oversees, do not count on a voice message being retrieved prior to dismissal time.

Any child who arrives at school between 8:20 A.M. and 9:00 A.M. is considered TARDY. Any student who arrives at school after 9:00 A.M. would be considered absent one-half day. Any student who leaves school between 2:30 P.M. and 3:15 P.M. would be recorded as an EARLY DISMISSAL. A child who leaves prior to 2:30 P.M. would be recorded as a half-day absence.
The school may require a doctor’s excuse for excessive absences. If a student accumulates ten days of absences during the first semester, a letter of concern and warning of a doctor’s excuse soon being required will be mailed home. If a child misses 15 days during the school year they will be required to furnish a doctor’s excuse for each additional absence. A student has three days upon return to school to turn in the excuse. After that time, the absence will be considered illegal. After three illegal absences have been accumulated, students will be notified of possible fines and/or legal action that will be taken if they incur additional illegal absences. Letters of concern are also sent home when absences begin to accumulate. Four unexcused tardies equal one-half day of an unlawful absence and may result in a fine. Extenuating circumstances may be considered by the principal.
Children who walk or are driven to school by their parents should plan to arrive after 8:00 AM and prior to 8:20 AM. Parents and guardians are not allowed to walk students to their classrooms for security purposes.

Dress Code Refresher
The following is an itemization of clothing or conditions deemed to be inappropriate dress for pupils in the Juniata County School District and are not to be worn: (Exceptions will be made by Principals for recess, proms, phys ed, and certain other events.)
1. Upper torso must be covered, including the sides and the full shoulder.
2. Tank tops/muscle shirts
3. Spaghetti straps/halter/mesh tops/strapless
4. Bare midriffs are not permitted. This is defined to mean no skin showing between the bottom of the shirt and top of the pants area.
5. Underclothing may not be exposed.
6. See-through blouses or shirts.
7. Hats, caps, scarves, or headbands on the head in the building at any time. (The building principal may authorize head coverings for medical reasons as appropriate.)
8. Logos or sayings on clothing or person may not promote alcohol, tobacco, drugs, gang/cult behavior, offensive language, or inappropriate behavior, nor cause distraction from the educational process. This also includes pins and buttons.
9. Footwear must be worn at all times. Rubber flip-flops/shower shoes are not to be worn.
10. Both shoulders need to be covered at all times.
11. If shorts or skirts are worn, the shorts should be no shorter than halfway between the knees and the waistline, and skirts should be no shorter than approximately two inches above the knees. Shorts are defined as being garments that have split legs and terminate above the knees.
12. No cut-offs or trousers, pants, slacks or jeans with holes will be permitted.
The Board of School Directors approved the wearing of shorts from the first day of school until October 31, then again from April 1 until the last day of school. If the student does not follow the above requirements, the parents/guardians shall be called on the first offense to bring the proper attire to school. After the first offense, the student will be sent home to dress properly before returning to school.